7 Vintage Music Videos To Get You Ready For NYFW

Susie G

Since New York Fashion Week is right around the corner, what better way to get in the mindframe of all the glitz and glamour than by watching some very ferocious and sexy music videos from back in the day, when fashion reporter (and personal icon) Elsa Klensch still had her own amazing news segments on CNN. Below are 7 music videos that are sure to inspire you to “do your thang on the runway,” just in case you happen to be walking one this week.

1. Malcom McLaren Deep in Vogue

FACT: Deep in Vogue was pop music’s original song about vogue-ing. Former Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren released this song two years before Madonna’s Vogue was released to mainstream American audiences. The song came out around a time when crowds of men from the gay African-American and Latino communities in New York City would gather at after-hours hotspots to attend vogue balls. All I have to say about the clip can be summed up in these four letters W. E. R. Q.

2. George Michael Too Funky

No stranger to using supermodels in his music videos (see Freedom ’90 and Father Figure), George Michael plays the role of “The Cameraman” in this clip, while capturing models on the catwalk during a fashion show with quite an uncomprehensive collection. The video was directed by fashion designer Thierry Mugler, and features supermodels Linda Evangelista and Tyra Banks. Out of all of the looks in this video, I would say my favorite one is the “Sexy Robot” bodysuit. Which one is your favorite?

3. Ru Paul Supermodel

I have a pretty distinct memory associated with this song: It was 1995 and I was in a Circuit City store in Princeton, NJ. All of a sudden, the screens in the TV department were playing the music video for Ru Paul’s Supermodel. The only thought that came to my mind was, “Fabulous!” Plus, this song is so damn catchy how could you not love it?!

4. David Bowie Fashion

David Bowie is not only a musical icon, but also a fashion icon thanks to the days he spent performing under the stage name “Ziggy Stardust.” During that time, he was the poster-child for ’70s glam rock. Then the ’80s rolled in, and Bowie did a complete 360 with both his sound and his personal style, trading in the glitter and face paint for tailored shirts and smart slacks. Both this song and its music video are a great memory of the decade that was truly full of decadence.

5. Swing Out Sister Breakout

So the song Breakout might not have a whole lot to do with fashion, but the video does play out a little story about a group of designers who eventually get their one piece down the runway and manage to find success at the end. Cute? Of course. Unrealistic? Totally. The clip also evokes typical ’80s design aesthetics like emphasized bold colors and busy, “hand-painted” patterns. Both the song and the band members are so fun and spunky how could you not love this video? And if you don’t love it, then we can’t be friends. Sorry.

6. En Vogue Free Your Mind

Dear En Vogue, thank you very much for being a part of my childhood experience in the ’90s. If it weren’t for you four lovely ladies, I don’t know who else could have done a better job to represent the notion that it’s alright to be a sexy, independent woman, and proud of it! These sirens spoke the truth so eloquently about the “double standard” placed on women in today’s society, that they became a voice of a generation in my eyes. Also they flippin’ kill it on the catwalk in the video!

7. Right Said Fred I’m Too Sexy

How could I not include this clip on the list? The muscle shirts, the sports car, the baldness it’s the triple threat for all music videos. I don’t think there was ever a roller skating rink in ’90s America that didn’t play this song on a Saturday night. After watching the music video, hopefully you won’t be “too sexy” to let me know which one of the 7 videos was your favorite, or if there was a video I should have added to the list!

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