Seven Must-Have Bags To Carry You Into Spring

Jordynn Haskins
Seven Must-Have Bags To Carry You Into Spring
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Ladies (and gents)… Spring is finally here! With so many handbags to give your wardrobe a lift, we decided to give you a little sample of our must-have carry candy for the season. All we can say is we hope you like color, ’cause this spring the bags are nothing short of pastel hues and bright neon.

If you’re more subtle, don’t fret, there is something for you too. While colors take center stage this season, classic staples like white, camel and black will also have a spot in any well advised closet. To spice things up, designers are becoming fond of using not only the eye-catching color palettes but giving those sophisticated neutral tones a chance with the color-blocking trend. Also, keep a lookout this season for minimal bags with uncomplicated, simple and truly alluring closures.

So whether your into satchels, hobos, totes or clutches there is definitely a must-have bag for you.  Without further ado, take a second to view the above slideshow of this season’s biggest bag contenders.

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