6 Trends You’re Wearing That Guys Hate


If you work in fashion, or around a lot of girls and gay men, you tend to dress more for yourself or them than with a “man-catching” mentality. I get chastised all the time by my roommate; she’s constantly confused as to why I don’t dress sexier or wear tight, short everythings. It’s easy to forget that sometimes it’s nice to try and impress someone other than Keegan Singh or Anna Wintour. Since we like guys for the most part, here are six trends they hate us wearing. Not to say you shouldn’t totally rock them, but maybe leave them in your closet on a first date.

Motorcycle Boots (pictured above)

Unless they have a stripper or dominatrix quality, guys are more intimidated by stomping buckled and studded motorcycle boots than turned on by them. You’re not Dog the Bounty Hunter, and he might be afraid you’re hiding some kind of Harley Davidson fetish.


Drop-crotch pants

Wear a pair of drop-crotches around a guy who doesn’t know you too well, and you”ll either be fielding a variety of MC Hammer jokes, or he won’t know where to look when he wants to check out your ass. The best way to thoroughly confuse a man is to wear something that distorts everything, and make him not sure what’s what and where it is. Even when paired with killer heels…the damage has already been done.


Huge Purses and Bags

There’s nothing more satisfying than knowing I can keep everything I own in one bag; from my iPod, to a magazine if my iPod dies, to a book if I finish the magazine, to any makeup I feel as though I might need throughout the day. However, it might make a guy think you’re super high maintenance, or planning to flee the country at a moment’s notice. Keep it simple for a while…you don’t really need to carry your yoga mat everywhere.


Black Nail Polish

If you remember back to high school, whatever Hot Topic sold wasn’t usually in your hot date outfit repertoire. Although it might made you feel a little badass, non-fashion people might assume you’re depressed or that you really, really like Edgar Allan Poe. Not many in the outside world associate black nails with Lauren Conrad (although she does kind of make us wish for Prozac).


Exposed Bras

There’s something my grandma used to say about buying the cow, when you could get the milk for free. I was eight at the time, so I didn’t really get it…it just made me thirsty and made me rule out any future farming career options. This past summer, everything was sheer, which did bode well for the weather. However, when you expose everything (ahem, Gaga), it might give off the wrong impression, not to sound like your Aunt Mildred. It’s true though…show too much, and what’s to bother with?


Babydoll Dresses

Generally if a dude thinks there’s a chance you’re preggo, he’s not going to be rushing to ask you out. Welcome, the babydoll dress. While it may be easy to wear, and you don’t have to worry about sucking your stomach in, you could totally be hiding a baby bump under there and he has no idea. Your babydoll dress just might be giving off a subtle baby momma drama signal and you don’t even know it.

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