6 Reality ‘Stars’ That Deserve Their Own TV Cameos

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6 Reality ‘Stars’ That Deserve Their Own TV Cameos
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It’s no secret that we love us some Nene Leakes. This fiesty star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta was a handful on Celebrity Apprentice so we can only imagine what her cameo on Glee next week will offer up (thankfully, Entertainment Weekly is ready to give us a hint).

But what about our other favorite reality TV stars? While some are straight up train wrecks or totally reviled (Speidi, we’re calling you out), there’s a handful that manage to entertain us every week that need, no, DEMAND their own moment in the spotlight too.

And while all this requires is some creative casting on behalf of our favorite TV shows, we’re confident these six would equal sweeps primetime gold if given the right opportunity. Hit the slideshow above for our reality TV show star picks and which shows we’re dying to see them pop up!

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Team Zoe/Gossip Girl

Following the cliff-hanger we were left with mid-season, only one thing is for sure: Blair needs a major image makeover. And who better to assist this former princes-in-the-making?  We say Rachel Zoe and co. to the rescue! Can't you just picture everyone's fave celebrity stylist scouring the runways for a "demure" new look while Joey fusses over her hair and Jeremiah plots a bedroom makeover?

Ghost Adventures/Vampire Diaries

A town full of ghosts, vampires, witches and werewolves. A paranormal investigative team that lives for lockdowns and over-the-top  dramatics. For the love of all things unholy, PLEASE bring Zak Bagans to the Salvatore mansion and let him dig up some dirt (and possibly a few relatives) on TV's sexiest vamps!

Kim Zolciak/Hart of Dixie

If her Real Housewives of Atlanta frenemy can do Glee, we have no doubt Kimmie could kill it on this quirky southern drama. Just picture her as some bar singer who drifts into town and manages to teach Rachel Bilson a thing or two about the finer points of cleavage, wiggin' out, and cougar lovin'.

Tabatha Coffey/Once Upon a Time

Oh Rapunzel, isn't it time to trim those split ends and maybe consider a major makeover? ('Nuff said.)

Snooki/Desperate Housewives

A spontanious trip to Atlatic City. A drunken night out on the town. A quickie marriage to a show girl. Enter Snooki, the latest trophy wife to hit the scene. (Eat your heart out, Eva Longoria.)

Jeff Lewis/American Horror Story

As the star of Bravo's Flipping Out, we've learned to love Jeff's bitchy comments, flippant attitude and notorious meltdowns when it comes to remodling and restoring homes and spaces. But what happens when you throw him in a haunted house filled with nasty ghosts (including one gay couple that doesn't appreciate the redecorating efforts)?  We say somebody is going to kill it, but we're hedging our bets on exactly who's going to end up buried beneath the floorboards.

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