6 Expert Tips To Revive Your Post-Winter Hair For Spring

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6 Expert Tips To Revive Your Post-Winter Hair For Spring
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Spring has finally sprung, making it the perfect time to refresh your beauty routine for the new season. To kick things off right, why not start off by tackling probably one of the most anxiety-causing parts of your body–your hair?

And in order to give you some fail-proof advice, we’ve gone straight to the hair experts from Sebastian Professional‘s Stylist Design Team. We hit up hair pros Thomas Dunkin and Janine Jarman to get all the 411 for your beauty 911.

Check out their 6 super easy tips in the slideshow above that will help revive your winter-weathered hair into springtime perfection.

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"To revive hair after the winter I always recommend heading to the salon for a great deep conditioning treatment. Sebastian Professional Texture Tandem is perfect for this! It thickens hair for robust shaping while smoothing hair with a unique silkener [sic]. I often apply Texture Tandem to long, one-length hair that needs a new lease on life due to the damage caused from the winter weather." –Thomas Dunkin

"Another great option for women with naturally wavy hair and women with shorter hair styles–either a jaw length or slightly longer bob–is adding a few spritzes of Sebastian Professional Trilliant after hair naturally dries. This adds a beautiful sheen to the hair while providing a gentle hold that keeps hair looking soft and natural without weighing hair down."–Thomas Dunkin

"One of the best ways to revive dull winter hair is to go to your salon and request a Sebastian Professional Cellophanes Treatment. You can choose a shade that complements your color or just go with clear. This ammonia-free colorizing gloss enhances shine and hue while dramatizing your shape. It's also a great way to seal the cuticle and one treatment lasts for up to 4 weeks!" –Janine Jarman

"Another solution is using the Sebastian Professional Penetraitt Masque one to two times a week. This treatment helps to repair and strengthen hair that is weakened and damaged. For best results, apply the masque to wet, freshly washed hair from the middle of the shaft to the ends. Then warm a wet towel in the microwave for 30-45 seconds and wrap it around the hair. Leave the towel on for 15-30 minutes or until the towel has cooled down. Warming the treatment allows it to penetrate even deeper into the hair shaft. Be sure to rinse the masque out fully and enjoy hydrated, healthy locks." –Janine Jarman

"Wavy locks are a fun and effortless look that are perfect for spring. To create the look, begin by running Sebastian Professional Texturizer and Sebastian Professional Taming Elixir through damp hair from mid shaft to the ends. Then separate hair into four sections and create loose braids. Sleep in the braids overnight to allow for them to dry. When you wake up in the morning, take out the braids and gently run fingers through the waves. On each side of your head beginning at the temple, take a 1½ inch section and twist. Pin the twists together at the back of the head and finish with Sebastian Professional Liquid Gloss for shine and definition." –Janine Jarman

"Another great look for spring is a messy up-do. Prep hair by applying Sebastian Professional Volupt Spray from the root to the ends and Sebastian Professional Trilliant on just the ends. Then blow dry hair straight, directing with a flat brush. Part the hair horizontally at the ears and softly back-comb at the roots. Then take the back half of your hair and roll it into to a soft French twist and pin it in place. With the front piece, make a deep side part and swoop your hair over your forehead, twisting the hair. Pin the twist with 1-3 cute bobby pins (twist should finish at end of eyebrow). Pin the lighter non-coiled side into the French twist and finish the look by spraying with Sebastian Professional Shaper Plus. For a more disheveled airy look, gently pull apart the style." –Janine Jarman

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