50 Most Stylish New Yorkers

50 Most Stylish New Yorkers
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New York City is a, if not, the, fashion capital of the world. An amalgamation of high fashion, retro appreciation, individual style and more than a little personality epitomizes a city that lives and breathes fashion even by proxy, sometimes serendipitously, almost always uniquely. We’ve gathered 50 New Yorkers from editorial, retail, beauty, music and beyond who exemplify the reality of our New York to bring you New York’s 50 Most Stylish. Kerry Pieri

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Photographer:Stefani Pappas
Photographers Assistant: Liz Andrien

Hair: Shannon Wall
Conrad Dornan,Kate Ryan
Assistant: Dakota Heman
Assistant: Lizzie Arneson
Makeup:Victor Henao,Top 5 Management
Kristi Matamoros,Kate Ryan
Interviews: Kerry Pieri, Alyssa Vingan, Andrea Uku, StyleCaster
Design by:Dee Grossmann,StyleCaster
Creative Direction:Emily Finkbinder, StyleCaster

Furniture provided by:LAS VENUS,Re-PoP,Anthropologie andArea ID
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