• Photo: StyleCaster Media Group
  • Photo: StyleCaster Media Group
  • Simon Doonan wears: Hamilton custom shirt (from Barneys), Naked & Famous pants, Hogan shoes, Prada tie, Hermes belt, Calvin Klein underwear, Paul Smith socks; Goyard bag (Custom @ Barneys New York); Gucci wedding ring; Tag Heuer watch- Steve McQueen/Monaco edition.

    Simon Doonan, Creative Director at Large, Barneys New York

    What's your favorite NYC shopping spot?
    I am mad about Opening Ceremony in the Ace Hotel. But seriously...does it get better than Barneys?    
    Go to New York City restaurant?
    For lesbian health food I love Anjelica's Kitchen. For glamour and fashion I love Il Cantanori and Sant Ambroeus.
    Which NY based book, movie or TV show epitomizes New York for you?
     I love all the 60's /70's New York movies - Midnight Cowboy and Rosemary's Baby are my all time faves.

    Photo: StyleCaster Media Group
  • left: Simon Doonan (in Annabel Tollman's Louboutins) right: Joanna Hillman wears: Falke shirt, Derek Lam pants and shoes, Ralph Lauren belt, Vintage pendent; Ferragamo Whistle necklace; Michael Kors watch; Vintage rhinestone bracelet; Mom's jade bracelet; Eddie Borgo studded bracelet; Burberry leather bracelet; Diamond studs; Barstool, $398, Anthropologie

    Joanna Hillman, Senior Fashion Market Editor, Harper's Bazaar  

    Who do you think of as a New York fashion icon, past or present?
    My style icon is NYC!  This city thrives on individualism and authenticity and people literally wear it on their sleeves! It could be a posh older lady on the upper East side or a hipster in Brooklyn, this city just pulsates with fashion inspiration.
    Do you have a secret New York shopping spot that you love?
    Not secret, but I definitely shop more at J.Crew and Topshop than probably most editors do. Those are my staples.
    Do you have a favorite New York nightlife spot or restaurant that you find yourself going to a lot?
    Restaurants, one of my favorites is Bar Pitti. I love Italian food. Wherever you live, I feel like you really get to know your neighborhood, so there are these random restaurants that no one would ever know about, but it's just a cute little hole in the wall that's like your spot. But Bar Pitti, I definitely dream about that Rigatoni Pitti all the time. I also love Peasant, the wine bar downstairs is so charming and they always play good music.

    Photo: StyleCaster Media Group
  • Kristin Gallegos wears: Zana Bayne harness; Jil Sander shirt; Prada skirt; Rick Owens shoes; right hand ring by Pamela Love; left hand rings by Giles & Brother and Mimi Rose

    Kristin Gallegos, Makeup Artist

    Favorite artist or display or art from NYC?
    My favorite NY artist is Jean-Michel Basquiat. He was SO downtown New York. I think his work is incredible and his overall style, his story, and persona were so cool. And Downtown 81 is one of the best downtown NYC movies ever.
    What are you favorite spas or salons in NYC when you need a day of pampering?
    When I need a day off for pampering I always go to Great Jones Spa! I get a facial there once a month. Their massages are amazing, too.
    What are your favorite neighborhood restaurants/nightspots where we can always find you?
    You can always find me at 88 Orchard, Freemans, and Takahashi.  And my favorite night spots are the Jane Hotel and The Standard.

    Photo: StyleCaster Media Group
  • Luigi Tadini wears: J.Crew shirt; Barbour jacket; Marc by Marc Jacobs inner Jacket; Calvin Klein jeans; Opening Ceremony shoes; Vintage gloves; Ermenegildo Zegna scarf; Selima Optique Sunglasses; Woolrich Woolen Mills bag

    Luigi Tadini, Market Director, Paper Magazine  

    Who is your most stylish New Yorker?
    I think a recluse Garbo was a pretty stylish character in New York. Who else… Max Fish was pretty stylish in a very different way. I think somewhere in between is really the essence of New York—someone who has this unique kind of uptown style that is timeless, and then the ever-changing trend-centric downtown.  
    Who are some of your favorite NYC designers right now?

    I love the work what Phillip Lim does for men because I think he really pushes gender boundaries—kind of that David Bowie characteristic and really giving menswear some delicate elements, some feminine—usually its womenswear elements—into his work. I love the work that the Proenza Schouler boys do. I just think that the idea of creating a collection in New York is already an achievement in and of itself. So the fact that these designers manage to pull this off every six months is really baffling.  
    What are some of your favorite stylish New York nightlife spots?
    It’s funny. I think as a foreigner —I grew up between São Paulo and New York—every time I come back and I’m crossing the bridge over to the city it’s like Rhapsody in Blue is playing in my head. So I think things that are really iconic to New York City still resonate for me, no matter how long I’ll live here. Central Park is incredibly stylish in the sense that you have so many different types of people using the park. And still, you have the whole geometry of New York that I think is very inspiring to someone’s style. And it’s changing, like fashion. In terms of places itself, I find myself going back to the same places all the time. Of course, I love the splendor of the 1950’s-looking Boom Boom Room. But, I also love little, tiny, hidden away spots. There’s this really small restaurant in Brooklyn called Cafe Moto, which I really like. It’s under a subway stop.

    Photo: StyleCaster Media Group
  • Marina Munoz wears: A.P.C shirt; Madewell tee; Camarc France pant; Belt designed by her mom; Beacon's Closet Scarf; Madewell clogs; Tardan hat

    Marina Muñoz, Stylist

    Do you have any favorite hometown fashion designers that are based in New York?
    I love my friend Stephanie Tran. She has a line called Duskin. She makes really, really beautiful clothes that are beautiful silhouettes with great construction and fabrics. I could live forever in one of her silk blouses. Right now her new collection—she sells at Opening Ceremony—has this awesome jacket, which reminds me of an old school Barbour jacket. Her stuff is amazing—she does beautiful dresses and simple, nice, lovely things.
    Where are your favorite places to shop in New York?
    Some friends of mine own Gargyle, which is a really cool shop to visit. It’s in the Lower East Side and it’s just a great mix of pieces. They have beautiful dresses and awesome Karen Walker sunglasses and cool shoes. They also sell the Acne boots there that have fringe. Then I like Jumelle, on Bedford. And I'd like to give a shout out to Madewell. I love Madewell! My dear friend, Joyce, does the accessories line there, and I go bananas at Madewell. They all know me when I walk in!
    Is there a favorite decade of fashion that inspires you?
    I love Woody Allen’s films in the '80s —Hannah and Her Sisters or Manhattan. Those films. Now I’m also thinking a lot about The Great Gatsby with Mia Farrow—that was Ralph Lauren’s first consulting gig when he did all the wardrobe. That’s a great film too. And then I think of Kramer Vs. Kramer with Meryl Streep. I don’t know if you guys have heard of that—that’s full on Meryl Streep wearing beautiful long skirts and amazing outfits. But I think Woody Allen would be the biggest inspiration. I was Annie Hall in Paris. I had the whole outfit. But in Paris you can get away with it.

    Photo: StyleCaster Media Group
  • Lori Goldstein wears: J.Crew flannel shirt; Marni vest; Marni leggings; Loeffler Randall shoes; necklaces by Pepper Cotton and Tom BinnsSwarovski Crystal bracelets; and Solange Azagury-Partridge Jewels

    Lori Goldstein, Stylist  

    Do you have a favorite New York book, movie or TV show?
    ANY and EVERY Woody Allen.
    What’s your favorite New York shopping spot?
    ABC and Barneys. Cant have just one!
    What’s your favorite New York museum?
    I must say I love The Whitney.

    Photo: StyleCaster Media Group
  • left: Lori Goldstein. Vintage Butterfly Chair, $1,200, Re-PoP
    right: Cabiri Calisto wears Callisto Designs bustier; VPL tank; VPL leggings; Vintage jacket; Dollar Store bracelets; left ear earring made by friend

    Cabiri Calisto, Head of Sales and Press for VPL 

    Who do you think is the most influential New York designer right now?
    I think Victoria Bartlett because she always does her own thing. She is never following trends and I feel like a lot of other designers look at the trend reports and follow them exactly, but she always has her own inspiration, her own focus for each collection. Other designers seem to take inspiration from her.  
    What’s your favorite New York museum or gallery?
    I love the MoMa. It’s my favorite museum. It’s so cool. But, I work so much, I barely have time to go.

    Photo: StyleCaster Media Group
  • Jeff Laub wears: Vintage Pendleton shirt; G-Star jeans; Vintage sweatshirt; Vintage Johnston & Murphy shoes; Vintage belt, Polo Ralph Lauren socks; Vintage law firm bag; Metal Rolling chair, Re-Pop

    Jeff Laub, Owner - The Blind Barber

    Do you have a favorite New York-based book, movie or TV show? My very favorite show doesn’t take place in NYC, but it’s Dexter. My favorite NYC-based film is A Bronx Tale.     
    What's your favorite museum to visit in the city?
    The MOMA. I went there a lot during the build-out of the Blind Barber for inspiration and stuff like that. Just to see all different types of art and see how it can be incorporated into our space. I was never a big "museum guy" until I started building.          
    What's your favorite local hangout spot?
    The best night spot would have to be the Blind Barber. But if I’m going to go anywhere else, my personal favorite place to go is always the Manhattan Inn for drinks in Greenpoint. And then for dinner right now I’m kind of digging Beauty & Essex. That's a good spot.

    Photo: StyleCaster Media Group

50 Most Stylish New Yorkers

50 Most Stylish New Yorkers

50 Most Stylish New Yorkers
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New York City is a, if not, the, fashion capital of the world. An amalgamation of high fashion, retro appreciation, individual style and more than a little personality epitomizes a city that lives and breathes fashion even by proxy, sometimes serendipitously, almost always uniquely. We’ve gathered 50 New Yorkers from editorial, retail, beauty, music and beyond who exemplify the reality of our New York to bring you New York’s 50 Most Stylish. Kerry Pieri

Be sure to check out our exclusive behind-the-scenes photos from the shoot on our StyleCaster Facebook page!

Photographer:Stefani Pappas
Photographers Assistant: Liz Andrien

Hair: Shannon Wall
Conrad Dornan,Kate Ryan
Assistant: Dakota Heman
Assistant: Lizzie Arneson
Makeup:Victor Henao,Top 5 Management
Kristi Matamoros,Kate Ryan
Interviews: Kerry Pieri, Alyssa Vingan, Andrea Uku, StyleCaster
Design by:Dee Grossmann,StyleCaster
Creative Direction:Emily Finkbinder, StyleCaster

Furniture provided by:LAS VENUS,Re-PoP,Anthropologie andArea ID
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    It is sad to me that according to this story, women must be razor-thin and tall to have good style– there was maybe one woman here who did not fit that bill? Plenty of plump men though!
    I’m quite thin and not short myself, but I do like to see women given credit for their creativity and style rather than their physical good looks. The curvy 5’2″ woman who looks amazing despite how hard it is to find anything in her size? THAT’s good style too.

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  • Danya Ray

    Great article! Wish I knew about this…

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  • ose

    Memsor Kamarake looks the most stylish, dont get what the girls are wearing.

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