5 Travel Apps You Need To Download Now

Leah Bourne

With the holiday travel season upon us, you are not going to want to leave home without downloading these crucial travel apps. Whether you want to send text messages for free from overseas, you want to check on a flight’s status, or are simply trying to book a hotel at the best possible price, we have you covered. Happy travels!
whatsapp messenger iphone app 1 5 Travel Apps You Need To Download Now
WhatsApp Messenger
We all love to text, we don’t all love to pay a premium for texting overseas. That is where WhatsApp Messenger comes in. The service offers free texting and video messaging anywhere in the world with a WiFi or 3G connection. The best part? WhatsApp uses the phone numbers in your address book to locate friends to make things extra easy on you.
99¢; for Android, Blackberry and iPhone.
FlightTrack Pro
Get updated flights times, terminal and gate numbers, and terminal maps with the help of this app. It even forecasts delays based on historical data.
$9.99; for Android, BlackBerry and iPhone/iPad.
ipad calhotels 5 Travel Apps You Need To Download NowHipmunk
Tons of sites have sprouted up to help you pick the cheapest flights and hotel stays, but of all of them, Hipmunk is by the far the most user friendly. Hipmunk presents search results chronologically by time of day on a single page. Flights are ranked by price, schedule, and “agony.”
Free; for Android and iPhone/iPad. 
tripit iphone 5 Travel Apps You Need To Download Now
This is the app to use to manage messy travel itineraries. Add upcoming trips to your account, including flight information, car rentals, hotels, activities, and store everything from confirmation numbers, to meeting locations, to dinner reservations.
Free; for Android, BlackBerry, and iPhone/iPad.
oanda favorite travel apps 5 Travel Apps You Need To Download Now
Oanda Currency Converter
Choose from more than 190 currencies and four metals, and you can also enter any bank rates that need to be applied. Want to know if you should spend 40,000 yen on a handbag? This is the app to use.
Free; for Android, BlackBerry, iPhone/iPad and Windows.
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