5 Things You Can Buy For Your Boyfriend (But Wear Yourself)

5 Things You Can Buy For Your Boyfriend (But Wear Yourself)
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The time for gift giving is right around the corner and let’s face it, money is tight this holiday season. (Well unless you’re the 1% — in which case please leave your email below and I’ll send you my wish list.) This time of year is about giving back and sharing with your loved ones. Which I agree with 100% — but shouldn’t we get something out of it too? I mean, after all, we’re the ones slaving away every day and chugging coffee after coffee so we can pay our rent and fill up our Starbucks cards.

So I’ve devised a little plan. Let’s reward ourselves this holiday seasons without looking like a snob. Brands like Rag & Bone and John Bartlett make this possible. While the clothes aren’t necessarily meant to be unisex, ladies can most certainly pull it off. (Trust me, a lot of my girlfriends raid their boyfriends’ closets so why not you?)

So just for the ladies, I’ve rounded up my five picks of what you can buy for him but steal at your leisure. Honey, it may be a man’s world, but who says you can’t do him one better?

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