5 Healthy Alternatives For The Stressed Out Snacker

Jessica Rubin

Let’s face it, sometimes life just gets the best of you and you become a stressed out ball of spastic energy (we’re speaking from personal experience here). And often the only way to combat your anxiety is with a healthy dose of junk food. Normally, we give into these cravings and lock our guilt away in a small corner of our brains, but it’s the beginning of January and there are new year’s resolutions to uphold. So we took five of the most popular stress foods and found some easy alternatives to those greasy, sugary snacks. Happy munching!

1. Instead of a hamburger, reach for some LEAN ground turkey meat. The patty will taste pretty much the same, but besides having less fat, turkey also has the amino acidL-tryptophan in it, which makes your brain feel happy and relaxed.

2. We love ourselves some good, greasy french fries. But rather than indulge on some oily frites, try swapping them for sweet potatoes. They have tons of vitamins and fiber, and also manage to satisfy your cravings for carbohydrates. It’s a win-win! (FYI: add some thyme and rosemary for a pop of flavor.)

3. Besides being one of the most delicious foods ever, avocados are also really good for a stressed out mind. They contain fats and potassium that lower your blood pressure, reducing your risk of feeling stress and anxiety.

4. Rather than chowing down on a candy bar, reach for some pure nuts like almonds, pistachios and walnuts. They’re delicious and contain vitamins that boost your immune system and make you feel full of energy. (Have you tried Trader Joe’s honey sesame almonds? One word: yummers.)

5. Yes, milkshakes are delicious, but if you drink an energy shake instead, you’ll feel focused and ready to conquer whatever task lies ahead of you. Missing out on that yummyice cream is a small price to pay for some mental well being. (We say mix up some sorbet, fresh fruit and add some protein powder for an kick.)

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