5 Fashion Bloggers To Watch: Our October Picks!

5 Fashion Bloggers To Watch: Our October Picks!
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It’s that time of month again and no I’m not talking about angry hormones kicking into gear (OK, bad joke?). Rather, it’s time for us to share the up-and-coming bloggers we’ve been eyeing as of late.

Backtrack a year ago, and I can remember scrolling through the pages of Fashiontoast believing with every ounce of my fashion loving soul that this whole I’m-going-to-pose-for-my-photographer/boyfriend-at-the-laundromat-and-share-the-images-with-random-people-I-don’t-know-on-the-internet thing was a passing trend. Seems it ain’t so. And to tell you the truth, these chic ladies who put themselves out there (we’ll call them confident, not self-centered) are really no different than the college girls we knew who would post 10 albums of themselves posing with their girlfriends after every single weekend on Facebook except we can actually gain something from these bloggers. And what is that might you ask? Well, my lovely StyleCasters we like to call that something chic.

Click through the slide show to check out the hottest ensembles from our favorite sartorial newbies.

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