4 Perfect White Tees You Need Now: Live From PROJECT


Designer Jen Menchaca and her Nation LTD V-Neck

The hunt for the perfect white t-shirt can be both extensive and elusive, but once you find a style in the fit and fabrication of your dreams, you’ll quickly realize it was the best investment of time and money you’ve ever made. (Also, you should probably buy it in bulk!) I reach into my closet for a white tee at least once a week, and I’ve luckily found a handful of drapey, silky shirts that have become my essential closet staples.

I wandered the grounds of PROJECT to find the very best of the most basic, must-have wardrobe element: the white tee. Jen Manchaca, founder of Nation LTD, really said it the best herself: “It’s become a staple, it’s like a condiment in a pantry. You always have to have a salt and a pepper, and you always have to have a classic white t-shirt.”

Nation LTD The Classic White V-Neck, $58 at Boutique to You
“This is the shirt that I started the company with. When I was little, my dad used to run around the house in his white v-neck-it was a beat-up, smelly, disgusting, yellow Hanes white tee and I loved it. Six years ago I wanted to emulate that perfect white shirt for women-a little bit more fitted but still on the boxy side. It’s still one of my top-selling t-shirts. We carry it year-round and it will stay in the line forever and ever.”

LNA The Basic Deep V, $62 at Singer22
“This is the shirt that really launched the line back in 2007, and we’ve been selling out of it ever since! The neckline is extra deep and it’s fitted to the body for a bit of added sex appeal.”

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C&C California The C&C Classic Tank, $24.90 at C&C California
“This tank has been around since 2002, and it’s really the shirt that started the C&C brand. The fabric is a really special vintage jersey, so it has that great ‘old white tee’ feel, almost like it’s been washed hundreds of times. The bodice is cut slim, but it’s very stretchy-perfect for layering.”

115124 1297799375 4 Perfect White Tees You Need Now: Live From PROJECT

Splendid The Basic V in Very Light Jersey, $48 at Revolve Clothing
“This t-shirt is perfect because of the fit and the super soft fabric. It’s perfect for layering, and it’s made from the very light jersey, which is one of the core fabrics that started the company and that we use every season. It’s drapey, and not skin-tight, which also adds to its popularity.”

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