3 Alternative Latkes Recipes For A Healthy Hanukkah

3 Alternative Latkes Recipes For A Healthy Hanukkah
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Well folks, it’s here. Hanukkah has landed, and for those of us who celebrate it’s time to tuck in for eight nights of food, wine, candles and (hopefully) gifts galore. Here at StyleCaster, we anxiously look forward to this holiday for one crispy, golden reason: potato latkes.

These high calorie bad boys are the kind of treat that we wish we could indulge in all year, but alas, we cannot. So when the Festival of Lights rolls around, we roll up our sleeves and get ready for some serious latkes eating sessions. But if you, like us, are a little worried that eight nights of eating fried potatoes could leave your J Brands feeling a little tight around your waist, we’re here to save you from that fate!

We’ve tracked down three great latkes recipes that are delicious and cut down on the guilt factor. So click through the slideshow above for some great alternative latkes that you can eat all year round!

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