25 Ideas For Organizing and Storing Books

Leah Bourne

236 25 Ideas For Organizing and Storing Books
One of the hardest organizational conundrums for those in smalls spaces is what to do with books! Seriously, you might be surprised by all of the creative solutions for what to do with them. Here are 25 ideas.
1. Stack overflow books neatly on tables and chairs, creating decorative stacks.
2. Use bookcases to enhance your home’s décor—display a collection of artwork on lower shelves, and books on higher shelves.
3.Instead of traditional bookcases go for cube bookshelves, and treat each cube like a canvas.
4. Create a cozy corner library using a pair of freestanding bookcases to create an artful display of books, magazines, and collections behind your sofa.
5. Group wall-mount ledges and storage cubes on your walls to create a modern take on a book display. Paint the storage cubes and shelves the same color as your wall to create a streamlined look.
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6. Place a bookshelf behind your bed. It will double as a headboard and storage—what could be better than that!
7. When in doubt, floor-to-ceiling built-in shelves are great for getting in the maximum amount of storage.
8. Look for bare walls in unexpected places in your home, like underneath staircases. These are great spots for built-ins.
9. Frame a window seat with bookshelves.
10. Many kitchens have space for small built-ins, like underneath cabinets or kitchen islands. And you can use them to store more than just cookbooks if you are short on space.

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11. Look for double duty furniture, like couches with built-ins, or beds with extra storage.
12. Stack books into functional end tables that you can place lamps and objects on.
13. Store books by piling them into bowls and baskets around your home.
14. Create a kid’s reading room full of books using spice racks to display books.
15. Another option for storing books in a kid’s rooms? Place them in old wagons, for a quirky and cute decor touch.

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16. Have extra space on shelves in your kitchen or bathroom? Hey, your books don’t care where they are stored.
17. Instead of a traditional TV stand, place your electronics on top of a low bookshelf.
18. Galvanized steel shelves from hardware stores can double as bookshelves.
19. Instead of a coffee table, opt for a trunk, and pack books inside of it.
20. Lucky enough to have a fireplace? Stack books inside of it where you would ordinarily place logs.
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21. Frame your favorite titles as works of art.
22. Homes have tons of unused space under windows, great space for built-in bookshelves.
23. Floating bookshelves are a great option in small spaces.
24. In an open area, use a bookcase both as a room divider and book storage.
25. When in doubt, store your books under beds in suitcases or plastic boxes to keep dust out.
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