The 2011 Super Bowl Commercials That Have Us Talking


Gather round the cyber water cooler. It’s time to talk about the best part of the Super Bowl, and you know I’m not talking about the half time show. It’s commercial time!

Millions of dollars and countless chopping blocks go into the making of these spots as companies vie for the most priceless real estate in the land: your attention span. In the 21st century, that’s measured in social media, status updates and twitter feeds.

Here are the leaders for the 2011 viral video Olympics, at least until Antoine Dodson II emerges out of nowhere.

Consider my heart strings yanked. Volkswagen continues to dominate the competition with a humorous spot that ultimately leaves you feeling warm and fuzzy about a hunk of metal on wheels.

Where is the un-send button?!
Bridgestone parodies the most unfunny thing that will ever happen to you in the workplace.

Ozzy Osborne and Justin Bieber have a sense of humor.
About themselves.

And not to be outdone, the Old Spice hunk enters the competition with this will-timed spot. Spoiler alert: he’s still hot and there’s lot of skin.

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