2011 Allure Survey Finds Blonde Is Out, Curves Are In

Lauren Caruso
2011 Allure Survey Finds Blonde Is Out, Curves Are In
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In a pseudo-change of the beauty perception tides, Allure found via a 2,000-people survey that the new American ideal has shifted since 1991 from a tall and thin Christie Brinkley to a tall and thin Angelina Jolie so, different, but not really.

While Brinkley has been credited with the ideal all-American look in the past, likely thanks to her blonde-hair-blue-eyes one-two punch, it’s refreshing to find both sexes see the beauty exemplar hovering somewhere between Beyonce, Jessica Alba, Megan Fox, Halle Berry, Jennifer Lopez and Sandra Bullock. You hear that ladies? Not one blonde. Unless you count Jessica Alba circa Sin City, which really just shouldn’t count.

Among the most progressive findings, almost three quarters of those surveyed believe that a curvier body type is more appealing than it has been in the past, and 85% credit increased diversity in America as the catalyst to change. More radically, 64% find women of mixed race best represent the epitome of beauty and 70% of those who wished to change their skin color wanted it to be darker. While this could be a result of broader beauty standards, it may just be the remnants of Jersey Shore‘s unfortunate influence.

Both men and women chose Brad Pitt as the front-runner for the male ideal, with George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Matthew McConaughey and Ryan Reynolds, a newcomer to People‘s “Sexiest Man Alive” title, not far behind.

Still, there’s some good news for Brinkley 86% think today’s middle-aged women are perceived as more attractive than they were two decades ago. The full results are available for analysis in the mag’s twentieth anniversary March issue, on stands Feb 22.

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