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20 Stories You Missed Over The Weekend

20 Stories You Missed Over The Weekend

 20 Stories You Missed Over The Weekend


Abercrombie is working on shutting down the copycat site that has brown pants listed under a racial slur. [Via Fashionista]

The Model Alliance is cracking down on brands who don’t pay models on time. [Via Model Alliance]

That Vogue article about putting a 7-year old on a diet is causing some major anger in the media community. [Via Jezebel]

One more reason to love Rachel Zoe: Bloomingdale’s has launched some killer cool cinemagraphs of her new collection. [Via Racked]

Get the deets on Carine Roitfeld‘s new mag! [Via Huffington Post]


If you wondered how Hunger Games fans stack up to Twihards, Business Insider braved the weekend movie madness to find out. [Business Insider]

Meanwhile, get your Katniss Barbie before they sell out! [Via Hollywood Reporter]

Gwyneth Paltrow has revealed her pre-Oscar prepping. And yes, it does involve a famous A-list friend. [Via Goop]

Kim Kardashian is all about keeping it real…until she gets flour bombed and demands justice. [Via TMZ]

Wait — Did Drake get married in Las Vegas this weekend?!? [Via Zap2It]


White hipsters in Brooklyn are complaining that a large number of them are being stopped and frisked by police. [Via Gothamist]

Geraldo Rivera blames hoodie sweatshirts on the killing of 12-year-old Trayvon Martin, causing his own son to question his dad’s sanity. [Via Huffington Post]

A girl in California donated $11,000 of her Bat Mitzvah cash to a hospital that specializes in organ transplants for children. [Via KTLA]

Forget cupcake vending machines — now you can get ones with live bait, prescription pills and even art work. [Via Wall Street Journal]

Craving a 90’s fix? Play the Saved by the Bell YouTube interactive game! [Via Time]


Could rice be the next big thing for perfume scents? [Via Allure]

Speaking of perfume, Carrie Underwood says don’t hold your breath on her developing her own signature scent. [Via People Style Watch]

Is blue hair the new pink for celebrities? Bella Sugar seems to think so. [Via Bella Sugar]

Pretty caviar manicures are coming to America in April! [Via Grazia]

Milla Jovovich shaved one side of her head — don’t ask us why. [Via Us Magazine]

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