20 Stories You Missed Over The Weekend

Jessica Rubin

 20 Stories You Missed Over The Weekend


Abercrombie is working on shutting down the copycat site that has brown pants listed under a racial slur. [Via Fashionista]

The Model Alliance is cracking down on brands who don’t pay models on time. [Via Model Alliance]

That Vogue article about putting a 7-year old on a diet is causing some major anger in the media community. [Via Jezebel]

One more reason to love Rachel Zoe: Bloomingdale’s has launched some killer cool cinemagraphs of her new collection. [Via Racked]

Get the deets on Carine Roitfeld‘s new mag! [Via Huffington Post]


If you wondered how Hunger Games fans stack up to Twihards, Business Insider braved the weekend movie madness to find out. [Business Insider]

Meanwhile, get your Katniss Barbie before they sell out! [Via Hollywood Reporter]

Gwyneth Paltrow has revealed her pre-Oscar prepping. And yes, it does involve a famous A-list friend. [Via Goop]

Kim Kardashian is all about keeping it real…until she gets flour bombed and demands justice. [Via TMZ]

Wait — Did Drake get married in Las Vegas this weekend?!? [Via Zap2It]


White hipsters in Brooklyn are complaining that a large number of them are being stopped and frisked by police. [Via Gothamist]

Geraldo Rivera blames hoodie sweatshirts on the killing of 12-year-old Trayvon Martin, causing his own son to question his dad’s sanity. [Via Huffington Post]

A girl in California donated $11,000 of her Bat Mitzvah cash to a hospital that specializes in organ transplants for children. [Via KTLA]

Forget cupcake vending machines — now you can get ones with live bait, prescription pills and even art work. [Via Wall Street Journal]

Craving a 90’s fix? Play the Saved by the Bell YouTube interactive game! [Via Time]


Could rice be the next big thing for perfume scents? [Via Allure]

Speaking of perfume, Carrie Underwood says don’t hold your breath on her developing her own signature scent. [Via People Style Watch]

Is blue hair the new pink for celebrities? Bella Sugar seems to think so. [Via Bella Sugar]

Pretty caviar manicures are coming to America in April! [Via Grazia]

Milla Jovovich shaved one side of her head — don’t ask us why. [Via Us Magazine]

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