20 Things You May Have Missed This Weekend

Summer K

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Undoubtedly if you live on the East Coast you spent most of the weekend playing outside, while our West Coast friends were busy biting their nails watching the Lakers fight their way through another win. In between the sunshine and sporting events (not to mention Mother’s Day, natch), we managed to learn that Kate Moss fans are crafty AND freaky, Andy Warhol nails are on their way, the Met Ball is great inspiration if you’re in the mood to decorate, and James Franco can add another cool thing to his resume (besides cross dressing, of course).

Need something to gossip about over the water cooler this morning? Here’s what you might have missed:

A Brazilian retailer has created hangers that reflect the number of “likes” a piece of their clothing has on Facebook. Ingenious or grounds for fashion pranksters to play with your mind and make your think that ugly ruffled skirt is a winner? (Fashionista)

Marc Jacobs got into a fight with a graffiti artist, his NYC store was vandalized by said artist, pics were taken, and now you can buy the shirt and piss off the guy even more.  (NY Magazine)

The F%ck Yeah anonymous blogger who’s been mocking the mens fashion industry was finally outed. (Racked)

Forget the latest Met exhibit — check out this weird and wonderful collection of Kate Moss fan art instead. (Styleist)

Here’s nine beauty lessons we should all take to heart (since they’re from our moms, after all…). (Beauty High)

People are still freaking out about Beyonce‘s neutral makeup choice. Yes, she’s a natural beauty and we love her for it. (Huffington Post)

We have seen the nail art of the future, and it includes fur on your fingers and possibly a Swiss army knife…or two. (Glamour)

Speaking of nails, Nars is doing a new polish collection inspired by Andy Warhol (but fair warning, the video tease REALLY is a tease). (Racked)

Take a visual tour through Phillipe Stark‘s new design hotel, Mama Shelter. (Casa Sugar)

Find out how to make your own glitter sandals (while not engaging in a DIY craft war with BuzzFeed.com). (Glitter N’ Glue)

Loved the Met Ball as much as we did? Use it for inspiration for your next home decor project. (Decor Musings)

If you work in the service industry it might be time to start sporting some red lipstick on the job since this new study says you’ll make more tips. (Gothamist)

Well, it looks like Russell Brand is finally over Katy Perry in the only way that counts.            (Us Weekly)

Forget a posh NYC apartment — check out this country estate Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are shaking up at. (Perez Hilton)

It’s coming! Find out more about Adele‘s big TV debut. (Hollywood Reporter)

Like we needed another excuse to admire James Franco. Hit the MOCA Los Angeles for a glimpse of the actor channeling his inner James Dean in a new exhibit. (MOCA)

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