2 Minutes With Miss J and Mary Alice Stephenson

Kerry Pieri

I was hanging out at the Kim Crawford Wine Bar in Lincoln Center this morning when I saw super stylist Mary Alice Stephenson and America’s Next Top Model‘s resident most fabulous, Miss J, aka J. Alexander, and got a quick recap of their week so far.

Miss J, which shows have you liked so far?
Miss J: Anything to do with black
Mary Alice Stephenson: You liked Alexander Wang, you loved it. You loved Prabal Gurung. It was incredible.

Mary Alice, who have you liked so far?
MAS: Oh God, what haven’t I liked? First of all Donna Karan was mindbogglingly sexy. I mean, Donna must be in love again. It was so sensual. It gave all those Mad Men girls a run for their money. And it was just light and airy and sensual. And you know every single thing that came down that runway I had a big “I want” moment.

What are you looking forward to buying for spring?
MAS: All the incredible clothes. The color, the fur, that’s happening on the runways. I think this is probably one of the best seasons that I have seen in a long time. There is this huge resurgence going on of glamorous clothes for women to buy. It’s as if all the designers got together and said “you don’t want to buy any clothes? We’ll show you.” It’s really a great season.

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