15 Things You Should Never Say at the Dinner Table

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Dinner isn’t just about food, it is about the conversation that happens around the table between family and friends. That being said, some topics of conversation should simply be considered off limits. Politics, religion, bathroom humor—dinner is just not the time. Read on for the ultimate list of comments that are not meant for the dinner table.

1.What is this?
Even if you don’t recognize what food your host is serving you, wait for them to explain what it is you are about to eat. It is hard to ask this question without coming across as quite rude.
2. How much money are you making now?
You know better. Don’t ask anyone about money, ever. It is arguably a bigger a faux than asking about religion or politics.
3. Aren’t you full yet? 
If someone wants another serving of pasta or a second piece of cake, that is their business.
4. I’m on a diet.
Good for you! Keep it to yourself! Saying you are on a diet will leave everyone else at the table feeling bad about what they are eating.
5. Why aren’t eating anything?
The flip side, if you see someone at the table not eating that much, don’t feel the need to point it out to everyone at the table.
6. When are you settling down?
There is nothing more cringe worthy to a single person sitting at dinner than being asked when they are going to get married.
7. When are you having a baby?
Another question that you should probably keep to yourself.
8. You should have made this dish with (insert ingredient here).
Don’t criticize the cook and the effort that they put forward! Feel strongly enough about it, then volunteer to do the cooking next time.
9. Did you hear about (insert something gross here).
Really? People are eating.
10. Why haven’t I seen you at church/synagogue/the mosque?
Dinner is not the time to pry into people’s religious beliefs. Fights are simply inevitable.
11. Do you know what they do to (insert piece of meat) before it’s slaughtered?
Just because you are a vegetarian doesn’t mean you should force your opinion on others, especially during dinner.
12. Who are you voting for?
Politics is another huge dinner table faux pas. Keep the conversation lighter.
13. This (insert dish) is definitely going to keep me up all night.
No one wants to think about bodily functions while they are eating.
14. Can I take your dish?
Chances are if you have to ask, that person isn’t quite ready. Sit down and relax and clear the table when dinner is clearly done.
15. Nothing.
Sometimes not saying anything is worse than saying something. Rude facial expressions (like scrunched faces) are a big dinner table faux pas.
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