15 Awesome Crop Tops: The Short Story

15 Awesome Crop Tops: The Short Story
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Have you ever asked yourself the question: Where would I be without Cher Horowitz? It’s kind of unbelievable how often I find myself turning to her for style inspiration. The 90s style icon made everything from knee highs to plaid seem cool. And now, thanks to Cher’s genius, crop tops are making a comeback for spring.

Before you go cringing at the thought of having to bare your midriff in public after months of hiding under chunky sweaters, hear me out. If you feel so inclined, then by all means, bare that belly. But if you’d rather not, then play with proportion by layering a tank under your crop top. No matter what you choose, be sure to wear your crop top with Cher Horowitz-esque confidence. Here are 15 perfect tops to get you started!

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