10 Magazines That Will Survive in 2010


These days, a magazine or design house folding causes merely a blip on our shock radars. With lay-offs soaring in the magazine industry and the consequent rise of online media (ahem, no bias or anything), 2010 will be sure to revolutionize the way we digest our information; be it celebrity gossip, sports news, or editorial fashion spreads. That said, there will always be something unquestionably satisfying about holding a gorgeous glossy in your hand. Below, find some front runners who won’t be going anywhere in the new decade.

1. Vogue

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Let’s face it, Vogue‘s high fashion foundation isn’t budging. A cultural icon, over a century old, and the bible of the fashion industry, Vogue‘s iconic status elevates it above the masses. While Cond Nast may be cutting other magazines, editors, and salaries, Vogue (and Anna Wintour) will be sure to reign on in the new year.

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One of the oldest celebrity gossip magazines, People is America’s classic guilty pleasure. Consistently the most read mag in waiting rooms and hair salons around the country, People is still the go-to read for who wore it best, who’s dating who, and who’s currently the “Sexiest Man Alive” (Johnny, call me!). Hey, we have to get our celeb fix from somewhere, even if while waiting for a cavity fill.

3. Elle
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This fashion glossy is another with some serious staying power. With creative director Joe Zee at the helm, this ship will be charting fashion trends for years to come. A well-rounded collection of fashion, beauty, health, and entertainment news, Elle is the world’s largest fashion magazine with 39 international editions in over 60 countries.

4. W
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Set apart by its oversized glossy format, W provides the ultimate creative outlet for editors and photographers alike. With its long and often controversial editorials photographed by hotshots like Steven Meisel and Steven Klein, W isn’t just another throwaway fashion mag.

5. The New Yorker
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Like a fancy cappuccino, The New Yorker is a luxury accessory. Simply holding one with your morning coffee seems to add an air of instant sophistication. Witty, smart, and known for its commentaries on popular culture and Americana, The New Yorker has a wide audience outside of its namesake city.

6. The Economist

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The Economist has had plenty of material to report on these days. The London-based news magazine is a must-read for most of the financial industry; we think this classic will sturdily push onwards through the crumbling economy.

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The first weekly magazine in the United States, T-I-M-E stands for “the international magazine of events.” Instantly recognizable with its classic red border and breaking world news reports, TIME is a landmark American mag. How else would we know who the “Person of the Year” is?

8. Cosmopolitan
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is the ultimate women’s magazine and features articles on relationships, sex, health, careers, sex, self-improvement, celebrities, fashion, sex, and beauty. Yes, they write about sex…a lot. It was the magazine we secretly stole from our older sister back in the 4th grade and then read under our bed covers after lights out. Not to mention, it’s the largest-selling women’s magazine in the world, with 58 international editions published in more than 100 countries.

9. GQ

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The Cosmo for men, GQ offers fashion, news, nutrition, and sex advice like no other men’s magazine out there. Targeted mainly at twentysomething bachelors, GQ is known for its hot scantily clad cover girls and intriguing interviews. What more could could a guy want…?

10. Sports Illustrated

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Like Vogue, sports certainly aren’t going anywhere and neither is the ultimate sports magazine, Sports Illustrated. With weekly reports on everything from football to horse racing, SI is truly one of a kind. Not to mention, the annual swimsuit issue generates its own TV shows, videos, and calendars. Now that’s what we like to call survival of the fittest.

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