10 Luxe Spy Gear and Accessories From James Bond’s Arsenal

Blair Pfander
10 Luxe Spy Gear and Accessories From James Bond’s Arsenal
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We love luxe tech here at The Vivant, from killer classic cars to super-expensive camera equipment.
But nobody represents luxe tech accessories like James Bond, the 007 franchise that has spawned ideas for futuristic new gadgets (jet pack, anyone?) as well as outrageously tricked-out transportation—the man’s Aston Martin, after all, features a passenger ejector seat.
Just in time for “Skyfall,” we’ve rounded up the coolest cars, suits, and techie accessories in Bond’s arsenal, along with how you can live the Bond life yourself (that is if you are willing to spend big).
The only rule of thumb? Lasers make everything cooler.

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Tom Ford Suiting: Legendary Italian bespoke house, Brioni, created custom suits for Pierce Brosnan's Bond. The franchise turned to Tom Ford when it came to outfitting tough-guy Daniel Craig, whose "Skyfall" suits are recognizable for their slightly exaggerated lapels.

Photo: hipsterama.com/hipsterama.com

The Aston Martin DB5: Starting with "Goldfinger" in 1964, Bond's spy car of choice was a sleek silver Aston Martin DB5, which was outfitted—among other spy gizmos—with bulletproof panels, a smoke screen, rotating license plates, radar receivers and, of course, a passenger ejector seat. The classic Aston Martin is featured prominently in "Skyfall." The version of the car mere mortals have access to retails for $275,861.

Photo: motorstown.com/motorstown.com

The Briefcase: In "From Russia With Love," Bond is gifted a 'standard issue' spy briefcase  that conceals 50 Gold Sovereigns, a throwing knife inside the latch release, and an AR-7 sniper rifle in a series of secret doors. Don't even think about snooping through this sucker: ingeniously, the Bond brief explodes and sprays tear gas when opened incorrectly. Plenty of aluminium briefcases and briefcases requiring fingerprint identification are now on the market inspired by Bond.

Photo: popsci.typepad.com/popsci.typepad.com

Explosive Parker Pen: The pen, they say, is mightier than the sword. In "Goldeneye," Pierce Brosnan is presented with an explosive Parker Jotter pen, which activates a grenade by clicking the top three times. You can buy the pen (minus the cool weaponry) for just $8

Photo: thesun.co.uk/thesun.co.uk

The Golden Gun: This shimmery gizmo was the namesake of the 1974 film, "The Man With The Golden Gun." The weapon—which belonged to bad guy Francisco Scaramanga—wasn't technically a spy gadget, but represented a perfect combination of luxury and high-tech geekery (it even doubled as a functioning pen and lighter).

Photo: ultimatejamesbond.wordpress.com/ultimatejamesbond.wordpress.com

The Jet Pack: Don't pretend like you didn't want a jet pack after seeing Sean Connery zip around the sky with one strapped to his back in "Thunderball." Soon after the film's release, the technology was given serious consideration by NASA, as well as the US military. Have a spare $100,000? You can buy a jet pack from the Martin Aircraft Company.

Photo: computerweekly.com/computerweekly.com

The Laser Polaroid: You've heard the old myth, "a picture can steal your soul," but have you heard of a camera that lasers your face off? This rigged Polaroid cam from "License to Kill" shoots a bright red "death beam" from the flash. This is in the, don't try this at home category. That being said we are loving Polaroid's 300 Instant camera ($99, bloomingdales.com).

Photo: news.cnet.com/news.cnet.com

Laser Rolex: Lasers are a pretty big deal for 007, as are fancy wrist watches. So it's hardly surprising that the two would be combined. In "GoldenEye," Brosnan rocked a laser beam Rolex, while past 007's have sported magnetic, buzz-saw, and detonator editions. In "Skyfall" Bond is wearing a Omega Seamaster ($6,500, omega.com), no word yet if it has any special spy features.

Photo: http://3.bp.blogspot.com/ http://3.bp.blogspot.com

The Lotus Esprit: We dare you to watch "The Spy Who Loved Me" without emitting a few oooh's when Bond's Lotus Esprit goes for an underwater drive. Granted, it's no Aston Martin, but the Esprit also featured a periscope, missiles, harpoons, and a handful of mines. Tough to beat, in terms of spy car snaps. It might not be able to go underwater but you can buy a 2012 Lotus Esprit for just under $180,000.

Photo: bornrich.com/bornrich.com

The Re-Breather: Speaking of underwater excursions, Bond was given the ability to breathe in the ocean in "Thunderball" and, later, in "Die Another Day." Both Connery and Brosnan depended on the sleek "re-breather" to do their spy deeds in the watery depths.

Photo: ajb007.co.uk/ajb007.co.uk

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