10 Ideas For How To Recycle Your Christmas Tree After the Holidays

Leah Bourne

my scandinavian home my home christmas tree 10 Ideas For How To Recycle Your Christmas Tree After the HolidaysYou likely have spent a lot of time (and money) decorating your Christmas tree, and when the holidays are done you are probably going to be stuck wondering: “What should I do with this thing?” You aren’t alone. With that very conundrum in mind, here are 10 creative ideas on what to do with your tree after the holidays are over.
1. Save it, and turn it into fuel for your fireplace. Yes, you need to store the wood until it dries, but this is still a great way to recycle your tree.
2. Use it to create saplings. Place a branch from the tree in a plastic cup with vermiculite and keep it moist. Once there is a strong root system, add in compost and soil.
3. Extract pine sap from your tree and use it for its medicinal and antibacterial properties. You can even use pine sap to seal wounds!
4. Use your tree to create mulch (just make sure to clear off the pine needles from your tree first).
5. Growing winter plants in your garden? Use your Christmas tree as a covering to protect your plants from the winter weather. Not only will it protect your garden, but it will also decompose and add nutrients to your soil.
6. Turn it into tea. Use the pine needles to create tea that many believe is great for fighting bacterial infections.
7. Make sachets with your tree’s pine needles. It will add Christmas freshness to your home well after the holidays are over!
8. Look to see if your community has a “chipper” program. In areas that do, residents are encouraged to put their trees out on the street at a certain time. The chips from the leftover Christmas trees are then used for mulch or ground cover in playgrounds and parks.
9. Turn your tree into a bird feeder. Spread small branches with margarine or peanut butter and dip it in bird seed.
10. Trunks and heavier branches from your Christmas tree are great to use as base for your backyard compost pile.
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